Job description

You are a WordPress developer who will take responsibility for the development, design and maintenance of WordPress websites. In most case, we work from a template which we modify to suit the client’s requirements.

Short communication lines are important to us, and this means that in many cases, you will yourself be in touch with a client. We will of course help you to build the client’s requirements into the design and functions of the website.

You are able to develop a website from scratch, including the basic configurations of the hosting provider /server, up to level of a fully functional website, in a short time and with no loss of quality. Once the website is delivered, you will maintain it to up to date technical standards.

Terms of employment

Our preference is to hire you on a per-project basis, as a freelancer working independently, from home. If you prefer a permanent job, we will discuss with you the number of hours per week and the corresponding salary.

We are looking for people both in the Netherlands and in France (Côte d’Azur region).

What we expect from you

  • You are very good at developing, designing and maintaining websites
    • OR you are prepared to learn!
  • Communication skills, both spoken and written, are of the utmost importance
  • You need to be flexible, creative, and solution oriented
  • You must be able to handle project from beginning to end (with some help from our team, of course)
  • If you have some knowledge of on line marketing (search engine optimization, advertising, social media), that will be a definite advantage!


Send us an e-mail or call us to discuss the possibilities!

Getting results for businesses

People mostly look at a company’s website before a first contact or visit. We ensure a strong on line presence for our clients’ companies, and relieve them of the burden of design and maintenance. Can you add value to our services?